Design of an electric motor foundation

The challenge

A refinery in Rotterdam contacted EMHA to redesign an existing pump base frame so that it could be fitted with a new type of ATEX engine. Because the new engine is a lot longer than the existing variant, the rear feet fell outside the existing base frame. Additionally, the center line of the new engine was a lot lower, so the existing base frame had to be raised.

EMHA’s solution

EMHA created a new foundation design after various measurements on location. New machined soleplates were placed on top of the existing base frame. These soleplates were calculated on stiffness. EMHA designed a steel extension, which avoided bending and vibration problems. It was decided to use a method whereby the soleplates are set up with temporary adjusting elements, after which the whole is covered with Chockfast Red high strength epoxy grouting. With the anchor bolts designed by EMHA, the soleplates and Chockfast layer were attached to the underlying foundation as one monolithic whole.