Emergency repair of a cooling water pipe

The challenge

A cooling water pipe in a refinery had sprung a hole, causing large quantities of water to escape. Because the factory remained in operation, welding was not an option. The pipeline was due to be replaced in its entirety, but this would still take at least 6 weeks. An emergency solution was required.

EMHA’s solution

The hole turned out to be quite large and was located at a transition point between the pipe and a welded support. EMHA therefore opt for a cold repair method, which involved bonding a doubling plate on top of the hole with MultiMetall SS-Steel. Corrosion and paint were removed with various handheld tools and the surface was roughened as well as was possible. The pipeline was temporarily depressurised to allow for the repair.

After the doubling plate had been bonded, stainless steel band-it straps were added as a reinforcement. After curing for approximately 48 hours, the pipe could return to full capacity. The emergency repair managed to last until the turnaround, after which the entire pipeline was renewed.