Repair leaking gas container

The challenge‚Ä®

The wall construction of a large gas container leaked oil due to cracks as a result of fatigue of the structure and various corrosion problems. Due to safety and environmental requirements, it was necessary to close all these leaks. Welding or similar activities were not possible because the gas container was in operation and there was a danger of explosion.

EMHA’s solution

Emha provided a cold repair with MultiMetall OL and MultiMetall Elastomer 95, with which the holes are able to be closed without performing hot work. The unique properties of the MultiMetall OL ensured that it has good adhesion properties on greasy substrates, so that even cracks where oil flows can be sealed. After closing the oil leaks, the repairs were built up and finished with a MultiMetall Elastomer 95 to form a firm flexible layer over the repair.