EMHA acquires Techno Fysica

We are delighted to inform you about the latest developments in our organization. On December 28th 2018, EMHA has acquired Techno Fysica.

Why expand?
Starting February 1st 2019, Mr. Piet Kloppenburg (CEO of Techno Fysica) will enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Thanks to acquiring Techno Fysica, we are able to expand our services in terms of vibration measurements, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding related calculations and solutions including material damage research, so that we can ultimately provide you with an even better service package.

About Techno Fysica
Techno Fysica is an independent company who specializes in the Maritime and Offshore sector, with decades of experience in working for the government. Techno Fysica measures, calculates, monitors, registers and analyses. One of the most important activities is designing, locating and solving problems within the field of mechanical engineering. In addition, Techno Fysica designs and produces state-of-the-art measuring sensors, complete monitoring systems and software for research, dredging and offshore industry.

What does this mean to you?
Techno Fysica and EMHA will remain in their current setting and continue to operate under their own name. Naturally, we will continue to provide our services at both locations, well known to our clients. Mr. Kloppenburg will retire February 1st 2019. His activities will be taken over by Marco van ‘t Geloof and Mirsad Baručić.

More information?
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