Baseplates en Frames

EMHA is a major supplier of base frames, casings and holders for an A-brand compressor provider. We have experience with designing, producing and installing supporting structures for a variety of machines in the petrochemical, shipbuilding, offshore and food industries.

That’s why you choose EMHA

We perform all necessary calculations with regard to the required firmness, flexibility and load capacity, but EMHA does more. We also calculate how the structure will respond to vibrations, for instance. Is it possible to reconfigure the structure where necessary or if there is a specific construction rule that must be taken into consideration? Thanks to our special client base, we are used to providing our services and products in accordance with the conditions of the API (American Petroleum Institute) and PIP (Process Industry Practices). Factors such as design rigidity, dynamic action modifications and vibration reductions are crucial for our designers. Because we also install our baseplates, we know that our designs have a proven track record in practice.